No fault Car Insurance is simply insurance coverage provided to people who are involved in car accidents and or who are involved in accidents that involve the operation of a motor vehicle,

For example, a driver or passenger in a car crash, an accident with a truck, a pedestrian struck by a car or truck, a bicyclist hit in the bike lane by a car or truck.

For example, if you are the driver or a passenger of a car or truck involved in an accident. In that case, you are entitled to No Fault insurance coverage through the vehicle you were in, irrespective of whether that vehicle is at fault or not at fault for the accident, hence the name No Fault.

What does No Fault insurance provide?

No-fault insurance generally provides up to and including $50,000 in insurance coverage.

That $50,000 can be used to pay for your medical treatment, including all necessary doctors and hospital bills and other health service expenses.

It also covers 80% of your lost earnings, up to a maximum monthly payment of $2,000 per month for up to three years following the accident.

In addition, it includes up to $25 per day for one year from the date of the accident for any reasonable unnecessary out of pocket expenses.

These may include transportation expenses to and from your medical providers, to and from the hospital and it may also include the cost of hiring a housekeeper to help with daily activities.

Finally, in the event of a death as a result of a car or truck accident, it provides a $2,000 death benefit payable to the estate of a covered person under the

No fault insurance, in addition to the $50,000 coverage for economic loss described above.

There may be additional benefits on top of what is described above if the policy that the owner of the vehicle took out has endorsed to include optional basic economic loss and or additional personal injury protection coverage.

However, in general, No fault insurance provides up to and including $50,000 in insurance coverage as a result of being injured in a car or truck accident.

It is important to seek the representation of an experienced personal injury attorney if you have been involved in a car or truck accident or were struck as a pedestrian or bicyclist.

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Helmet and bike lying on the road on a pedestrian crossing.

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