If you or a loved one have been involved in a serious car accident or truck accident, not only has that accident caused serious personal injuries, but it can also cause serious economic harm.

One of the most common questions we get straight away when someone is involved in a car or truck accident is, “What about missing work? What do I do about the wages that I’ll miss out on?”

Our experienced car accident attorneys at the Law Offices of Darren T. Moore, P.C. are here to help you understand what you’re entitled to if you’ve been injured in a car accident and need your lost wages reimbursed.

How No-Fault Insurance Works in New York

If you are employed and are involved in a car accident, truck accident, or struck as a pedestrian or bicyclist, chances are likely that you’ll miss considerable time from work while recovering from your injuries. Generally, as a result of consequently missing out on your wages, you can make a claim for lost earnings with the no-fault insurance carrier.

The no-fault insurance carriers here in New York will generally provide lost wages in the amount of 80% of your lost earnings up to a maximum monthly payment of $2,000 for up to three years following the date of the accident.

To qualify for lost wages, the insurance company generally requires two things.

1. Disability Certificate

A disability certificate from your treating doctor will generally state that as a result of your accident, you are not able to return to work. It will typically last from the date of the accident until you are cleared by that doctor. It will also usually indicate a follow-up re-examination by them again in four to six weeks, for example.

At that point, depending on your injuries and condition, the doctor will give you another disability certificate or will clear you to return to work. That disability certificate is then submitted to the no-fault insurance company.

2. NF6 Form

The no-fault insurance company also requires that they receive a signed NF6 document. That is a document that is filled out and signed by your employer and sent directly from your employer to the no-fault insurance carrier.

That document provides the insurance company with certain personal and employment information from your employer so that they can validate and process the lost wage claim. The NF6 document will provide information such as:

  • Your role with the company
  • The hours you work
  • The days of the week you work
  • How much you earn per hour, week, or month

Processing Your Lost Wages Claim

Once the no-fault insurance company receives the disability certificate and the NF6 form, they’re then in a position to process the lost wage claim and pay you your lost wages.

The insurance company will pay for your loss of earnings or lost wages up until the earlier of the next two scenarios:

  • The point where your doctor clears you to return to work; or
  • If and when you attend an exam with the insurance company’s doctor and are told that you don’t need any more treatment and may return to work.

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