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Construction accident lawyer
Construction Accident Lawyers in New York

Construction Accident Lawyer | The Law Offices of Darren T Moore About Construction Accidents Unfortunately, construction accidents are a common…

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Premises accident lawyer New York
Premises Accident Lawyers New York

What is a premises accident and who can be held liable? Were you injured as a result of an accidental…

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Car Accident Attorney Lawyer in New York
Car Accident Lawyers New York

What do I need to know if I was injured in a car accident? Thousands of car accidents happen every…

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Truck Accident Attorney in New York
Trucking Accident Lawyers New York

With the massive number of streets, roads and highways here in Manhattan, New York and the New York City area,…

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Bus accident lawyers in New York
Bus Accident Lawyers New York

New York Attorneys Willing To Fight For Your Justice! As New Yorkers, we’re lucky to live in one of the…

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Elevator accident Lawyer in New York
Elevator Accident Lawyers New York

Don’t Let An Elevator Accident Catch You By Surprise! Maybe you were on your way to work, visiting a friend,…

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Escalator accident lawyer in New York
Escalator Accident Lawyer Manhattan, NY

Escalator Accidents Happen When You Least Expect It! We truly live in an amazing time. Technology changes everyday, and modern…

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Bike accidents lawyer in New York
Bike Accident Lawyer New York

Were You Or A Loved One Involved In A Bike Accident? New York is one of the greatest cities in…

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Pedestrain accident attorney in New York
Pedestrian Accident Lawyers New York

Have You Been Hit By a Car or Knocked Down? Known in the legal world as a pedestrian knockdown, unfortunately,…

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Brain injury attorney in New York
Brain Injury Lawyers New York

Each year more than a million Americans suffer from brain injuries. The reason brain injuries have their own section is…

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Medical malpractice Lawyers in New York
Medical Malpractice Lawyer New York

Every year, countless Americans are injured or die due to the mistakes made by a healthcare professional. When a healthcare…

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Nursing Home Negligence Lawyer New York
Nursing Home Negligence Lawyer New York

Don’t Let You Or Your Loved Ones Suffer In Silence! Are you someone currently living in a nursing home or…

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Workers Compensation Lawyer New York
Workers Compensation Lawyer New York

People can suffer from an injury at work due to a number of different reasons. Whether it’s due to the…

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Recovered Millions in Verdicts and Settlements

Our founder Darren T. Moore has recovered millions of dollars in verdicts and settlements for clients in all types of accidents and he knows what that ultimate result means to his clients. “When a client comes to me I know that it can be at the lowest point of their lives. It’s crucial that my firm provides compassion and dedication to the clients throughout the entire process and is relentless in pursuing justice for each and every client.”

We are 100% committed and dedicated to maximizing your recovery and obtaining the justice and compensation that you deserve.

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